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Direct Hire

Make your hiring process more efficient and effective.

Your business is fueled by people so having the right people in place matters. Staffing your IT and Project Management teams is not a one-size-fits-all formula, it requires time, dedication and attention to learn about you, your business and how you define success.

By accessing our carefully cultivated network of over a thousand pre-qualified candidates, we’ve taken the guesswork out of hiring. We can provide you with the specialized talent you need for your hiring needs.

Our staffing model considers several characteristics of our specialists, in addition to skill-set. This industry-first staffing solution ensures that your new hire has the skills you need while seamlessly integrating into your organization's culture and workflow.

This approach guarantees reduced time spent on the hiring process, reduced onboarding and training time as well as overall satisfaction with your new-hire.

You believe in results. So Do We.


Staffing Solutions

Grow your team, hire the right candidates and free yourself from wasating time interviewing the wrong people. Let us help you staff smarter.

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We’ll connect you to our global network of pre-screened experts to fill your short-term roles.

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Contract to Hire

Our comprehensive hiring process allows you to test-drive your future hire before you make a permanent commitment.

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Let us put our hiring process to work for you. Our intense talent sourcing and vetting program gives you access to thousands of subject matter experts.

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Project Management

Envision. Execute. Deliver.

Whether you're building a single project team or staffing a large-scale enterprise PMO, we’re your staffing resource. Our network of project management professionals successfully delivers projects in scope and on budget in every industry from Engineering projects to Government, Aeronautics, Manufacturing, Health Care, Information Technology, Oil and Gas…we have the project resources that your business needs.

Information Technology

Engineer. Implement. Optimize.

Information Technology and Information Services are a vital part of every business. Corporations are embracing the global digital-transformation and our IT and IS professionals are standing by to help you optimize your processes and provide you with world-class digital solutions.

Why Outsourcing Your Staffing Doesn’t Work

Why Outsourcing Your Staffing Doesn’t Work

With a long list of positions to fill and an even longer list of candidates to vet, the promise of an agency to make all of your staffing worries go away is all too appealing. Find out why outsourcing your staffing doesn’t work and learn about the new, fool-proof method that is cutting time and costs for hiring managers across the globe.

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EPMA is a global PPM consulting and IT staffing firm with a passion for people, processes and technology. We challenge conventional methods to bring solutions to clients across a broad range of industries. Our proven Just Enough approach is guaranteed to meet any PPM or IT staffing challenge with seamless integration. Let us show you the EPMA way.

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