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EPMA Client - Schlumberger


Schlumberger is a leading supplier of technology and information solutions, trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P performance for oil and gas companies around the world. Through their well site operations and in their research and engineering facilities, they are working to develop products, services, and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

“In this Center, experts in various disciplines develop and manufacture products to help customers produce hydrocarbons more effectively. Engineers here engage in everything from thermodynamics to seismic modeling, from reservoir simulations to nuclear physics, from embedded software to mechanical design.”


“At any given time more than 100 significant projects are active at various development stages. As the number of projects continued to increase, it became more difficult for managers to oversee these massive projects. Lacking a centralized EPM system to track project progress, it was difficult to identify which projects were proceeding smoothly versus which projects needed more focused attention.”

“The program managers were in desperate need of implementing an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution to help them standardize projects and automate processes, achieve better project management prowess, increase collaboration, and ultimately heighten operational visibility. They also wanted a centralized repository for internal project information to help executives better manage resources shared among different programs and use this aggregation of data to make informed decisions. Lastly, the stakeholders wanted an EPM tool that would provide uniformity in timekeeping, progress tracking, scheduling, collaboration, and reporting.”


Having already established an excellent working relationship with several other groups, a Program Manager contacted EPMA in early 2012 to assist with planning and implementing Microsoft Project Server EPM solution.

EPMA initiated the Microsoft Project Server 2010 solution using a series of requirements gathering workshops designed to map the stakeholder's vision of success criteria to the tool. The client had indicated early in the project that the system should be designed in a scalable manner that will allow integration of other programs into the system. The overall goal for this group's implementation was to achieve small, measurable victories in order to enhance user acceptance leading to a smoother enterprise adoption of the tool. This approach ensured that the client was able to produce a strong foundation, on which to build upon, as the project management maturity level of the system users continue to improve.

EPMA directly engaged the stakeholders and LOB subject matter experts allowing for ample and thorough planning, documentation, and scheduled reviews. EPMA’s implementation team produced a blueprint for the overall system and integration design.  EPMA significantly mitigated unwelcome project surprises through the use of reporting requirements, training plans and roll out execution.


EPMA developers created and deployed several custom reports for the system users, providing project teams with greater clarity of data and enabling decision makers to quickly access the information needed. This allowed users to effectively manage schedules, resource capacity, time tracking, project risks, issues, and project costs.


Quite a few of the EPM system users at the company where unfamiliar with Microsoft Project; EPMA recognized the importance of providing role-specific training to their users. EPMA designed and delivered training to over 200 users, both onsite and via web conferencing.


At the completion of the implementation, this group joined the ranks of their predecessors by purchasing an administration and support plan for their EPM solution. By keeping an active support agreement in place, the EPM support team ensures that the system is administered, maintained, and supported by an expert team familiar with their configuration and who possess the knowledge necessary to adhere to their corporate policies. Help for how-to questions, advice, or an issue is just a helpdesk ticket away from resolution.


With their completed Microsoft Project Server 2010 implementation, program managers have better visibility and control over their projects and resources. The use of master projects, which allow for viewing multiple sub-projects with interdependent tasks, has helped them gain a common project management language across several departments while keeping senior management updated on project progress and divisional resource allocation. Custom tailored project sites enable the project team members to share important documents, employ a single repository for all project related data, and log and track project issues and risks.

After satisfying major success criteria, post-implementation, other oilfield services programs began showing interest in the EPM tool. These programs began to integrate into the system after receiving the necessary training.

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