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Leading Support For Microsoft PPM

  • One of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies (and global leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission) sought out Microsoft PPM support from EPMA Project Portfolio Management Support Services - and for good reason.
  • At the time of contact, the client's Microsoft Project Server 2013 system had been down for almost two weeks, resulting in a desperate need of a resolution. EPMA stepped in and was able to troubleshoot, identify a workaround, and get they system back up and running quickly while also optimizing the configuration for drastically improved performance and efficiencies.
  • We are proud to puclish this case study of the results EPMA was able to achieve for our client.

  • The Challenges

  • Our client was experiencing a serious problem: their Microsoft Project Server system had been down for almost two weeks, resulting in a critical decline of productivity and a desperation for help to fix the problems.
  • There were several challenges plaguing our client and coompromising their ability to solve their downed-system problem. In addition to not having the internal expertise necessary to effectively troubleshoot the problem, their former Microsoft PPM partners (and even Microsoft themselves) had not been able to resolve the ongoing errors and system shutdown.
  • ​When our client approached us, they challenged EPMA to fulfill these four paramount requests as expeditiously as possible so the critcial decline of productivity would cease:
  • The Solution

  • EPMA recommended our industry-leading Microsoft PPM Support Services to immediately provide the resources to troubleshoot the many Microsoft Project Server errors and get the systme back up and running within a week. They did this quickly by identifying and implementing a workaround.
  • Following this quickly-implemented fix, EPMA was able to focus our efforts on our client's other important requests. We not only provided them with the ongoing capabilities needed to resolve any future technical issues quickly and efficiently, but our team of PPM Consultants, PPM Developers, and Infrastructure Specialists both optimized and scaled their PPM solution.

  • “EPMA is the first Microsoft PPM Partner that I have worked with that actually took the time to explain why the system works the way it does and why making minor changes in our configurations will make significant improvements in performance and usability. Thank you!”

    Director of Projects

    The Results

  • Since EPMA took over, our client has leveraged their Microsoft PPM Support Contract to complete the following:
    • Right-size system users.
    • Reduce licensing costs.
    • Improve performance with a Project Server assessment and configuration optimization.
    • Enhance the PPM capabilities and increase efficiencies and communication through further application development and automation.
    • Increase visibility into project performance by integrating with SAP to update project cost level fields in Microsoft Project Server.
    • Reduce administrative activities and increase productivity of PM's with automated PPM Reporting.

    The Examples

  • To illustrate how EPMA's fixes significantly improved our client's system performance, PPM Reporting and PPM Development, consider these examples of how our client has used their Support Contract.

  • Improvements and Increase in System Performance with PPM Configurations

  • EPMA conducted a Project Server audit to assess the environment stability and configurations. This resulted in recommendations to prevent future system failures and improve system performance (based on best practices and experience).
  • During this initial audit, EPMA discovered that our client's Project Server had been initially configured poorly with too many unnecessary custom fields, which often leads to poor system performance. To clean up the system, EPMA eliminated over 20 custom fields and created a project landing page.

  • This work resulted in a 60% reduction of time it takes PMs to save and publish projects.

    Increase in Efficiency and Productivity with PPM Reporting

  • EPMA developed a Project Forecast Automation Solution and Customer Portfolio Dashboard that is integrated with our client's Microsoft PPM in order to address challenges with resource forecasting, communications between project delivery and sales teams, and post-sale activities for client account management.
  • We addressed these challenges by:
  • Syncing Win-Loss and Forecast reports for a significant reduction of manual effort.
  • Standardizing and automating reporting for real-time visibility into projects and an elimination of effort spent by the sales team (who were previously manually compiling project progress reporting in PowerPoint to present to their customers).
  • Improving communications in pre-sales and post-sales. The Forecast Automation now provides faster and more reliable data and the Customer Dashboard now provides real-time feedback from customer to account manager to project team.

  • These solutions resulted in an 80% increase in efficiency and productivity with a savings of 32 man hours per month.

    Improvements in Real-Time, Reliable Data with PPM Development

  • Since our client had been manually producing a weekly calendar in Excel that was based on certain production dates that came from the project schedule, EPMA designed and developed a custom applications page within PWA to generate and display the Production Calendar in real-time, as well as to provide a dynamic way to track different sets of key dates (design, testing, production, etc).
  • EPMA developed an SSRS report in parallel to provide the same data, but in a tabular format. Doing so reduced manual effort in populating Excel files and gave visibility to different teams at the shop floor, so they can now track next-scheduled work that was previously manually extracted by one person.
  • This development resulted in a savings of 10 hours per week, previously required to manually produce.

  • “EPMA has been a great addition to help our business reach its best potential using PWA and MS Project. They have exceeded my expectations in helpin create reports, dashboards, and apps. These allow us to be more accurate, increase department collaborations, and definitely decrease time spent on these tasks. Thank you for all your time and help!"”

    Project Support Specialist
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