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Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft Project

EPMA Client - Biamp Systems


  • Biamp shares personnel with offices globally, and they regularly over-allocate the personnel because they did not have visibility into overall resource utilization and availability.
  • Biamp needed more visibility into when personnel constraints force prioritization and rescheduling.
  • Biamp wanted the ability to show in advance when slippages will occur.


  • Biamp installed Microsoft "PPM 2010"
  • "Biamp wanted to internal expertise to configure, deploy, and use Microsoft PPM 2010, so EPMA provided onsite training to enable Biamp personnel to configure and administer their own system."
  • "EPMA provided printed copies of detailed Microsoft Project Server" reference manuals for Biamp to use after attending the onsite training.


EPMA was selected to provide Biamp's training because of their demonstrated expertise with the Microsoft PPM solution, as well as their ability to travel to Biamp's headquarters to deliver customized training to their personnel on their own system


“EPMA training shortcut the implementation and rollout process, and put all the project managers on the same footing with regard to Microsoft’s PPM system,”

Phillip Horton Engineering Project Manager
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