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A company founded on deep rooted passion in technology, project management and business acumen and a true belief that if you don't know how to balance these three in the new millennium that success would be extremely challenging.


Integrating People, Process, and Technology


That's why at EPMA, we dare to be different. We embrace change, we go against convention, leverage technology to support solutions not be the solution. At EPMA we bring together the smartest, most passionate team to deliver the results are clients expect.


And we still do it whilst having fun. That's why our clients love our teams, that's why get repeatedly voted as one of top companies to work for the nation, and that's why we're one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.



Michael Samadi - Founder | EPMA

Michael Samadi is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in business management, project management and information technology. As founder and CEO of EPMA, Michael is responsible for guiding the team through his vision, setting corporate strategy, driving revenue and helping to maintain the company’s key relationships with customers and vendors.

Michael Samadi

Founder & CEO
Kaly Chapman - Executive Vice President | EPMA

Kaly Chapman is the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.  Kaly partners with business leaders to determine if and how EPMA's services and solutions are a fit for their business.  With an extensive background in client relationship management, she oversees the customer experience to ensures clients get the attention they deserve.

Kaly Chapman

Executive Vice President
Ali A Executive Vice President | EPMA

Ali Al is the Chief Technology Officer and head of Development at EPMA. Ali's broad technology expertise helps create solutions to challenges through the use of technology. Helping clients build a complete Project and Portfolio Management solution in their organizations from infrastructure, architecture, implementations and development

Ali Al

Executive Vice President
Richard Burgess - Vice President | EPMA

Richard Burgess extensive experience and track record helping organizations implement operational efficiencies, change management and build strategic  PMOs and helping drive organizational profitability, positions him to lead EPMA's Project Management Practice and be part of EPMA's leadership team.

Richard Burgess

Vice President
Strategic & Portfolio Services
Mike Sara - Vice President Project Management Services | EPMA

Mike is the Vice President of PPM solutions. He has extensive experience helping client organizations maximize and optimize the value of their project and application portfolios by refining process and simplifying their technology. He is proven subject matter expert on developing and implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) methodologies, governance practices, processes, analyses and tools.

Mike Sara

Vice President
Project Management Services
Parthiv Bhuta - Vice President Consulting Services | EPMA

Parthiv has a proven track record of managing complex projects and has constantly exceeded expectations. Parthiv has a broad range of knowledge and experience in areas such as developing and implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools, Application Portfolio Management (APM) methodologies, governance practices, processes, and analyses.

Parthiv Bhuta

Vice President
Consulting Services
Matt Rhoades - Director Technology Services | EPMA

Matt leads the Technology Services Division. With more than 10 years of experience in IT and a Masters in Information Systems Security, Matt’s broad technology expertise helps customers choose the best solutions to challenges through the use of technology.

Matt Rhoades

Technology Services
Jesse Carter - Director Staffing Solutions | EPMA

Jesse heads up the Recruiting and Staffing division at EPMA.  With more than 20 years experience in proven Staffing Solutions. His diverse experience in recruiting includes process management, implementations, and providing complex recruiting strategies across many industries.

Jesse Carter

HR & Staffing Solutions


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    We create value in every relationship,
    resulting in a 97% customer retention rate


    Our word is our promise and we keep our promises
    Honesty, transparency and an old fashioned hand
    shake is how we conduct our business

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    Through the deep passion for what we do
    we have led the PPM industry in innovative services
    and solutions


    We are easy to work with, care deeply about our
    people and protect our brand relentlessly


EPMA has proven experience in Project and Portfolio Management services and solutions and has worked with thousands of clients. We have listened to their particular challenges with the tools and what they need to be more successful.  We solve those challenges not through complexity, but through simplicity by providing the right solution that’s easy to use, easy for others to adopt and doesn’t consume a lot of time.

Our core principles apply to everything we do, and have been recognized with many industry awards. That's one of the many reasons we're one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.

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About Us

EPMA is a global PPM consulting and IT staffing firm with a passion for people, processes and technology. We challenge conventional methods to bring solutions to clients across a broad range of industries. Our proven Just Enough approach is guaranteed to meet any PPM or IT staffing challenge with seamless integration. Let us show you the EPMA way.

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